About the Book

C’est Si Bon! Haitian Cuisine Cookbook

The C’est Si Bon! Haitian Cuisine Cookbook by At Risk Children Foundation, Inc. was created to help fund programs dedicated to assisting Haiti’s vulnerable children and orphans in our care.

Haitian cuisine is unique among Caribbean nations and its primary influences include French Creole and African cuisine along with native Taíno and Spanish culinary techniques. C’est Si Bon! Haitian Cuisine Cookbook is a collection of recipes that capture the diverse culinary culture of the region. The book’s recipes were contributed by local Haitian restaurant owners, organization members, families, and friends.

C’est Si Bon! Haitian Cuisine Cookbook gives readers the opportunity to experience the exciting gastronomic fares of Haiti while contributing to a good cause.

The proceeds from this book will be allocated to:

  • Chez Moi (My House) Phase 2, expanding our capacity, which entails the construction of another building on the property
  • Upgrading the living conditions for our children in Custine, Cavaillon
  • Paying for the children to go to school
  • Building the Soveyo Learning Center in Custine, Cavaillon
  • Ensuring ARCF’s long-term stability to care for disadvantaged Haitian children.